A terrace laid out between 1844 to 1846 to a design by George Basevi.  One of the first residents was the future politician Sir James Stansfeld, who was then London agent for Giuseppe Mazzini, spearhead of the Italian revolutionary movement.  Mazzini spent several months of 1851 staying at the house.  Other occupants included Thomas Vacher, the parliamentary publisher; and Edward Trelawny, the writer, adventurer and companion of Byron and Shelley, who lived here with his young mistress in 1860.

Actors Murray Carrington and Basil Rathbone had rooms here after the First World War, as did Virginia Greer Yardley, a modernist painter from Delaware.  After two decades as a guesthouse, the property was converted to flats, before being restored to a single dwelling in the 1980s.  A recent resident was Tamara Mellon.