Private commissions

Each House History will provide a full chronological history of the property, and information about the people who lived there and nearby, with specific notes of interest from a local or national
perspective.  Even if the house is relatively modern, very often what was there before is of interest.  
Maps and plans will reveal the development of the area.  

Various records will show who lived in the house, what they did for a living, and often how their lives were affected by local or national events.  This can be the most interesting part of any property’s history.

Detailed research is undertaken at the National Archives, the London Metropolitan Archives and various local archive centres and takes at least a week.  It includes consultation of plans and drainage records, rate books, Kelly's Directories, census returns, electoral rolls, maps, photographs, newspaper cuttings and other archive material.  The material is then pulled together into a narrative and presented in a hardback book of text, maps and pictures - usually about 75-100 pages.

The cost for a full house history is £800.

A house history makes a perfect gift; or if you are selling, a history of your house would help in the marketing of the property.

Background historical research can also support planning applications for a conservation or renovation project. 


Corporate projects

The history of a property or area, or having a heritage connection to a brand or product, can be an invaluable asset in marketing and PR.

Clients have included:

Wetherell, Mayfair estate agents

Mercury Homesearch, property search agents

Charbonnel et Walker

We commission Angela regularly to write reports for our houses.  We wouldn't be doing our job properly if we didn't find out the provenance and governance of a building.  She is very passionate about it and is able to pick out the right bit of detail to unlock the background to the house.  If we get a report on why this building has architectural merit we're going to sell the house for more money - it's as simple as that. - Peter Wetherell