The book of my house by London House Histories is a pure delight.  Your extent of research and contextual knowledge is outstanding and surpassed my expectations ... a fascinating insight into the places we live.   - Peter Ruthven Hall

I have just read your book from cover to cover - it is simply wonderful.  I am astonished at the amount of colour you have managed to discover and by the photographs from so many periods.  - Paul Z


 Welcome to London House Histories - the website of The Lady House Detective!

In recent years public interest in house history has grown tremendously, boosted by books and television programmes.  London has a rich architectural heritage, and everyone’s home, whether a Georgian house or a modern apartment, has a history.

Even the smallest house has been bought, sold, leased and subject to rates and taxes, and its occupants have left any number of records.  By digging deep into the archives, uncovering the history of our homes and breathing life into the forgotten inhabitants, a fascinating story will unfold.

Angela Lownie provides an individual house history research service for London properties. 
The research will cover the history of the site and what the land was used for, the date the house was built, who lived there and nearby, and the development of the surrounding area.

Angela Lownie has a deep interest in London history and genealogy, and has a qualification in House History from the Centre for Archive & Information Studies, University of Dundee.

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